Vision RT Releases List of Compatible Open-Faced Masks for use in SRS


8 December 2018. Vision RT today announced its listing of Vision RT Compatible open-faced masks, for use in Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) with Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT), in partnership with various leading mask manufacturers.

With SGRT, SRS is performed while the patient is wearing an open-faced thermoplastic mask. This enables the patient’s movement to be monitored at all times and at all angles, by tracking the surface of the skin in real time. If the patient moves out of the desired treatment position, the radiation beam can be automatically paused.

Vision RT’s frameless SRS solution is proven to be accurate across several independent studies¹ and has published patient outcomes data comparable to more invasive techniques², while delivering greater patient comfort and fast treatment times. By listing SRS open-faced masks as Vision RT Compatible, the company is confirming that these masks, when used correctly, can work as part of the SRS procedure with AlignRT. This is intended to simplify customers’ choice of mask vendor.

To date, the following masks have been approved as Vision RT compatible³:

From Bionix Radiation Therapy:

– Embrace (open-face)

From CIVCO Radiotherapy:

– Type S Thermoplastic Style 18

From Macromedics:

– DSPS Blu Ray OC and Rapro Facial Mask

From Orfit:

– 3pts Hybrid Open Face Mask
– DUON Open Face Hybrid Mask

From Qfix:

– Encompass SRS Immobilization System
– Assure Open View Fibreplast Head Only Split S-Frame, Micro Perf
– Assure Open View Fibreplast Head Only Split S-Frame, Variable Perf
– Assure Open View Fibreplast Head & Shoulder S-Frame, Micro Perf
– Assure Open View Fibreplast Head & Shoulder S-Frame, Variable Perf

Additional masks are being tested, and the comprehensive list can be found by clicking here.

¹Full list of publications can be found by clicking here.
²Pan et al. Frameless, real-time, surface imaging-guided radiosurgery: clinical outcomes for brain metastases. Neurosurgery. 2012 Oct;71(4):844-51
³Vision RT does not validate or make any claims with regards to the level or quality of immobilization that each mask provides in any statement of compatibility. Aside from Vision RT compatibility, no endorsement is given to you or any products, techniques or methodologies. Consult each vendor for specific indications and instructions for use.