SimRT™ is a standalone surface tracking platform for CT sim, which allows regions of a patient’s surface to be tracked in real-time, using a centrally-positioned 3D camera.

“Using SimRT together with PatientSide and the Real Time Coach has reduced our DIBH rescan rate from 14.9% to 2.3%,. This has reduced the need for rescans with associated contouring and planning work.”

Julie Kilkenny
Technical Lead Practitioner (Pre-treatment)- Radiotherapy
University Hospital Birmingham

Impact of SimRT on rescan rate – University Hospital Birmingham

Before and after rescans

Tracking Point Selection from Control Room:

  • Rapid optimization of tracking point, for faster workflow
  • Minimal patient distraction pre-scan, so breathing is undisturbed
  • Easy, fast identification of “belly breathers”

Ceiling Mounted Camera:

  • No physical marker, block or belt needed – no physical distraction for patients, no skin deformation, no inaccurate block placement, nothing to clean
  • No tracking equipment for the user to set up
  • Completely non-invasive, non-ionising motion monitoring
Ceiling mounted

Real Time Coach™ Display:

  • Coaches patient on breath-hold level
  • No patient contact for minimal infection risk
  • Simple and intuitive visual feedback for patients

PatientSide™ Option:

  • Stay close to the patient for longer
  • Assess and coach practice breath holds easily
  • Early clinical experience shows >80% reduction in need for rescans* (*data available on request)

Advance Software Architecture:

  • Designed for high throughput, with clicks reduced by 50%* (*versus GateCTTM)
  • Easy offline correction of traces and tags
  • Breath-hold timer

Voice of Experience

Breda Horan
Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist
St. Vincent’s Private Hospital

“The location of the tracking point in non-SGRT techniques can allow errors to be introduced such as a patient arching their back or belly breathing. By using SimRT and placing the tracking point on the stable part of the captured anatomy you can ensure that the patient is breathing correctly by filling their lungs. SimRT software will also allow the therapist to see if the patient can achieve the same results when repeated breathholds are required.”

SimRT is close to being the ideal 4DCT gating system. The use of surface imaging and the markerless approach is an elegant, simple solution which is (in my opinion) superior to using a marker block or any other device requiring physical contact with the patient. 

–  Feedback from an early clinical user

Click here to hear from clinical users on the implementation of SimRT for 4D and Breath Hold CT.

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