AlignRT® for Children

Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) has a number of benefits for children being treated with radiation therapy. Traditional treatments may involve tattoos, additional radiation, restrictive immobilization devices, or even anesthesia. By potentially removing these elements SGRT with AlignRT can help ensure treatments are as painless and comfortable as possible. Benefits to children being treated with SGRT, highlighted by Alisha Chlebik, Radiation Therapist at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles*, include:

  • Lower radiation dose: “The decrease in repeat imaging … we want to give them the smallest radiation dose as possible.”
  • Less immobilization/anesthesia: “We’re able to treat younger children without anesthesia and less immobilization – [pediatric patients] can go home much quicker.”
  • Shorter treatment time: “Times were reduced to 15-35 minutes per case … previously it could take us 45-60 minutes.”
  • Reduced need for skin marks
AlignRT for Children
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