What is the Postural Video™ module?

Postural Video™ is a ground-breaking module that provides clear positional guidance in real-time to make patient setup and correction even faster.

In an independent head-to-head trial, Postural Video further reduced the setup time by 29% vs. standard SGRT, increasing the linac capacity by one patient per 36 patients treated.¹

The Postural Video™ module gives you a multi-angle, real-time view of the patient’s overall alignment relative to their reference position during setup and monitoring by using an outline of the reference surface and a live video stream of the patient.

Utilizing the high resolution and fast frame rate of the AlignRT® Advance camera pods, the outlines provide guidance to ensure the patient is in the correct position and also helps to quickly identify and correct when a patient does move out of position.

The Postural Video™ module is only available with AlignRT Advance.


Hear from our users

Dr Vania Batista, Medical Physicist, University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany

“It is much easier to prepare and edit the patient data in AlignRT Advance. The best feature is the Postural Video function because it allows fast recognition of misalignments. It is a powerful tool to understand exactly where the changes happen when the patient falls outside tolerance during the treatment.”

Dr. Vania Batista
Medical Physicist
Heidelberg University Hospital, Germany

“There was definitely a time and accuracy advantage with implementing AlignRT Advance, especially with the postural positioning element. It has helped us increase our patient volume without extending our hours or straining our resources and we are still able to maintain a very high-level quality of care, while still keeping our patients comfortable.”

Felicia Gretah
Radiation Therapist
Cleveland Clinic Florida, USA

Felicia Gretah, Radiation Therapist Cleveland Clinic Florida, USA

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1. “Efficiency, Standardisation and Clinical Excellence: One Goal Across a Large Network” SGRT Community Meeting 2022 Presentation by Kira-Lee Oliver, Genesis Care Florida, June 2022.