What is AlignRT® Advance?

AlignRT® Advance is the market-leading Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) system for tracking a patient’s position before and during radiation therapy, to help ensure a streamlined workflow for accurate treatment delivery.

AlignRT Advance makes treatment safer by using a contact-free technique to track a patient’s skin surface in real-time with sub-millimetric† accuracy and ensures radiation is only delivered when the patient is correctly positioned. If a patient moves, AlignRT Advance can automatically signal the treatment delivery system to pause radiation.

AlignRT Advance also benefits patient comfort, as it can eliminate the need for tattoos or other permanent marks, avoid the use of traditional closed mask or frame-based SRS, and reduce the need for pediatric anesthesia.

Today, Vision RT systems are installed in 15 of the 15 “Best Hospitals for Cancer” in the USA.* We have comprehensive interoperability and assured long-term collaboration with both major linac vendors.

Watch our AlignRT Advance webinar on-demand to hear from clinical experts who will share their experience using this blazingly-fast upgrade and the impact it has had on their clinical practice.

Every patient, every fraction

AlignRT is safe, non-invasive and can be used for fast and accurate patient setup and monitoring for all forms of cancer, including breast, brain, lung, liver, sarcoma, head and neck, and other cancers.

Control the tech, focus on the patient

Reduced Treatment Time

AlignRT is proven to save time and reduce imaging. Northside Hospital Cancer Institute (NHCI) reduced patient treatment time by 50%  due to less repeat imaging and more accurate initial setup with AlignRT.

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There are multiple peer-reviewed papers that demonstrate how AlignRT enables sub-mm, and sub-degree accuracy through the entire treatment process across indications including DIBH, SRS, SBRT, pelvis and sarcoma.
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Increased patient comfort

AlignRT can eliminate the need for permanent marks or tattoos and reduces the need for pediatrics anesthesia. Currently, more than 100 centers across the world have gone tattoo and mark-free with AlignRT.
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“A Wise Investment” 

A recent oncology technology brief from the Advisory Board’s health care think tank (with 4,500 member organizations) recommended the use of SGRT as a “wise investment” for cancer centers.
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AlignRT software

AlignRT Advance offers many optional, ground-breaking modules, giving the system additional functionality.
AlignRT HD camera

Postural Video™

  • Gain clear positional guidance from multiple angles during setup and monitoring
  • High resolution and fast frame rate, making patient setup and correction even faster

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3D Photo™ Display

  • Focus on the detail with our 3D Photo Display option
  • Clearly identify hair, clothing, and other obstructions when selecting regions for tracking

ROI Metrics™

  • Ensure the region of interest size and topography is suitable for accurate monitoring
  • Helps to draw a good ROI with immediate feedback displayed when saving a new or amended ROI

Hear from our users

Kyle Woods, Genesis Care quote on AlignRT Advance

“I promise you won’t ever look back! AlignRT Advance is very quick and easy to use and means treatment times are minimized. Postural Video makes patient setup and monitoring in real-time much easier.”

Kyle Woods
Principal Stereotactic Radiographer
GenesisCare, Cambridge

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10 ways SGRT with AlignRT can help your clinical practice

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  2. Gierga et al. Analysis of setup uncertainties for extremity sarcoma patients using surface imaging. Pract Radiat Oncol. 2014 Jul-Aug;4(4):26


† Includes the most challenging clinically realistic configurations; couch rotations, pod occlusions and deep isocenters. When tracking rigid phantom under specific conditions. Report describing tests available to customers upon request.