Introducing Horizon™

With more than 2,000 systems in clinical use and 20 years of experience in SGRT, our 3D cameras are trusted for their accuracy and efficiency by cancer centers globally. Horizon cameras with AlignRT Advance software create new possibilities for radiation therapy.

Work every angle for optimal treatment plans.

Automatic dry run before every treatment.

Enables real-time beam visualization with DoseRT™.

The foundation of the future

Freedom to plan a tighter dose with help from full surface imaging
Horizon Vision RT
Visualization of beam for detection of errors
Dose RT

'Free Your Gantry- New Dose Possibilities for Better Dose Distribution'

Minsong Cao, PhD, DABR, FAAPM
Clinical Professor
Associate Vice Chair of Radiation Oncology
University of California, Los Angeles

*Applications mentioned using the Horizon camera are a work in progress and will require additional purchase.
Dosimetry images courtesy of Ke Sheng PhD, University of California Los Angeles.
1016-0533 Issue 1.0

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