Ensuring the continued security of our products requires constant vigilance from both our engineers, and your hospital IT department. We continually review cybersecurity threats and have processes for automatically verifying and validating the latest security software updates.

We have processes for handling reported security vulnerabilities in both our products and our IT infrastructure.

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Statement on Axeda Vulnerabilities CVE-2022-25247 to CVE-2022-25252

(Updated 08 March, 2022)

Vision RT is aware of Axeda vulnerabilities that have just been published.

More information on these vulnerabilities can be found here and the table below

CVE ID Description Potential Impact CVSSv3.1 Score
CVE-2022-25249 The Axeda xGate.exe agent allows for unrestricted file system read access via a directory traversal on its web server. Information disclosure 7.5
CVE-2022-25250 The Axeda xGate.exe agent can be shut down remotely by an unauthenticated attacker via an undocumented command. DoS 7.5
CVE-2022-25251 The Axeda xGate.exe agent supports a set of unauthenticated commands to retrieve information about a device and modify the agent’s configuration. RCE 9.4
CVE-2022-25246 The AxedaDesktopServer.exe service uses hard-coded credentials to enable full remote control of a device. RCE 9.8
CVE-2022-25248 The ERemoteServer.exe service exposes a live event text log to unauthenticated attackers. Information disclosure 5.3
CVE-2022-25247 The ERemoteServer.exe service allows for full file-system access and remote code execution. RCE 9.8
CVE-2022-25252 All Axeda services using xBase39.dll can be crashed due to a buffer overflow when processing requests. DoS 7.5


These vulnerabilities may exist on some Vision RT Systems, especially those installed prior to May 2020 which have been configured for remote access support from Vision RT.

The majority of systems under service contracts with Vision RT will not have Axeda installed, as this functionality was superseded by N-able.

We will be emailing our customers with details on how to determine if their Vision RT system(s) are vulnerable, and if so, how to fix the issue.

If you are a Vision RT customer, and you have not received this email, please email and we’ll send you a copy. Alternatively, you may find more information on this topic on: including details on how to check and secure your system.

If you need assistance in performing vulnerability checks, or about how to implement the steps needed to secure your systems, please contact Vision RT support via the customer support helpdesk or reach out directly to your regional engineers & Clinapps specialists.

If you wish to check the validity of any email that appears to be sent by Vision RT, contact