Radiation therapy is critical for treating many kinds of cancer, and accuracy, together with efficient treatment, is vital for success. Vision RT technology has demonstrated benefit on a variety of treatment sites, either in speed of setup, aiding accuracy of treatment, or both.

Consequently, many clinics now use Vision RT technology, for setup and treatment routinely for the vast majority of their patients undergoing radiation therapy as SGRT is increasingly becoming accepted as standard of care. Click on key applications to learn more.

Other applications include:

Standard Breast

With studies showing reduced need for imaging⁴, reduced shifts and other benefits⁵, AlignRT can be incorporated into standard breast treatments quickly and easily.

Head and Neck

Detecting rigid setup errors⁶, tracking patient position during treatment⁷ and ensuring immobilization⁸ are benefits supported by the evidence on AlignRT for this indication.

Plus: Pediatrics, prostate and other conditions.


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