AlignRT®: A Perfect Fit for Proton Therapy

Experience Unmatched Precision and Efficiency in Proton Therapy.

Proton therapy offers a range of unique benefits in radiation therapy due to the characteristics of proton interactions within the human body. However, the efficacy of treatment is sensitive to accurate patient positioning. That’s where AlignRT steps in, offering sub-0.5mm patient setup and tracking accuracy. Discover how AlignRT enhances patient setups and intra-fraction monitoring, improving treatment accuracy and efficiency with no additional imaging dose.

Published data shows the use of AlignRT with Proton Therapy for various treatment indications, including pelvis, limb, chest and spine, and demonstrated:

Proton therapy with AlignRT results¹

AlignRT integrates seamlessly into the proton therapy workflow, simplifying patient setups and enabling clinics to offer tattoo and mark-free treatments. If a patient moves out of position, AlignRT can automatically signal the system to pause treatment, typically within 50-100ms.

With an extensive install base worldwide, Vision RT is the leader in surface guidance for this highly demanding application.

AlignRT is operational with proton systems manufactured by: Hitachi*, IBA*, Varian and Mevion.
*gating interface currently available on selected models

Hear from users on their clinical experience:

Utilizing Lessons Learned from Photon SGRT to Create New Processes in Proton Treatment

An SGRT Community presentation

Wendy Tisue, MBA, RTT & Sarah Carroll, RTT
Mayo Clinic, AZ, USA

Protons, Photons, InBore; SGRT across all modalities in UZ Leuven

An SGRT Community presentation

Tom Depuydt, Director of Physics
UZ Leuven, Belgium

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