Getting started with SGRT

Surface guidance can help improve the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of the entire radiation therapy workflow.

Vision RT offers solutions for every step: CT, treatment planning, beam mapping, motion management, beam visualization, 4D treatment and more…

But not all SGRT systems are the same.

If you’re a clinician looking into the benefits of Surface Guidance, we’ve put together a free brochure, featuring tips from experienced clinicians on how to choose and evaluate the best system.

Another way to find out more is by joining the SGRT Community, a Vision RT-sponsored peer-to-peer network of radiation oncology professionals, working together to share knowledge, research and best practice. The community is free to join and facilitates a number of collaboration opportunities and learning events throughout the year.

Applications and benefits

Some clinics implement SGRT for its benefits for Deep Inspiration Breath-hold (DIBH) treatments, or as part of their efforts to offer patient-friendly tattoo and mark-free radiation therapy treatments. But SGRT can be used for every patient for every fraction and offers benefits for the entire radiotherapy workflow. There are more than 200 peer-reviewed studies on the use of Vision RT’s SGRT solutions.

Our solutions

Vision RT is the inventor of, and market leader in SGRT, with more than 20 years of experience in the technology and its implementation. We have more than 2,700 systems in active clinical use throughout the world, with more being added every day. 

Our family of surface guidance solutions improves patient safety and quality of care during every step: CT, treatment planning, beam mapping, motion management, beam visualization, 4D treatment and more… Our systems are compliant with TG302 – the SGRT guidelines recently published by AAPM.

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AlignRT logo

AlignRT is at the center of Vision RT’s Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) solutions.
Using 3D stereo cameras and computer vision, it tracks a patient’s position before and during radiation therapy, to aid in setup and treatment accuracy.

All new installs come with AlignRT Advance, the latest version of our software, with a faster and easier-to-use interface, and optional ground-breaking modules. 

Patient ID Wall Mounted isolated 2

Patient ID Module

The AlignRT Patient ID module uses facial recognition to ensure the right patient gets the right treatment, every time.

SimRT PatientSide

SimRT is our standalone 4DCT surface tracking
and gating platform for CT sim.

AlignRT InBore is our SGRT solution for bore-based linear accelerators,
the only SGRT solution allowing you to monitor treatments both outside and inside the bore.

ESTRO camera image

DoseRT, using Cherenkov Imaging, it is the only solution that allows you
to monitor both the patient and the beam in real time.


Respiratory Module

The Respiratory Module facilitates free-breathing gating through real-time optical tracking of respiratory motion.

New real time coach

Real Time Coach™ display

The Real Time Coach™ display gives patients clear and simple feedback on their breathing, so they can see exactly when they move into tolerance.

SRS module

SRS Module

AlignRT®’s stereotactic calibration module allows clinics to deliver the benefits of frameless, open-mask SRS and SBRT/SABR using SGRT.

Postural video

Postural Video™ Module

Postural Video is a ground-breaking module for AlignRT that provides clear positional guidance in real-time. Postural Video can help with as much as a 35% reduction in setup times. 

DoseRT is a Trademark of Vision RT.
DoseRT, Patient ID and the Respiratory Module are not currently available for sale in the US.

BeamSite is a trademark of DoseOptics LLC.

Need help getting started?

Vision RT’s family of SGRT solutions guide radiation therapy for better patient care at every step: sim, planning and treatment.

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