Vision RT hosts educational and interactive webinars featuring expert speakers from clinics worldwide. Below are the most recent webinars, available to view on-demand.

Innovation From Vision RT

Learn about the latest innovations from Vision RT, including the next-generation solution for 4D CT aquistion.

New Horizon beam
Investing in SGRT: Administrator’s Perspective

Register now to learn how GenesisCare is leveraging SGRT technology throughout its network to increase accuracy, enhance the patient experience, and maximize throughput.

AlignRT InBore video demo with clinical experts

Learn from clinical adopters demonstrating how this new system can supercharge your workflow and improve your efficiency.

Ben Waghorn VisionRT
Every Patient, Every Fraction: The Safety Benefits of SGRT.

On January 31, 2018, we hosted a webinar focusing on Every Patient, Every Fraction: The Safety Benefits of SGRT.

How AlignRT Advance optimizes efficiency

Hear from clinical experts who will share their experiences using this blazingly-fast upgrade and the impact it has had on their clinical practice.

Treating from Head to Toe

Learn from one of our clinical applications specialists how to set up & treat patients efficiently using SGRT, including tips for improved workflow techniques.

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