Welcome to our service and support page

You invest significantly in your Vision RT systems, through your initial purchase but also through your time training and integrating with your other systems.

We value your investment and we’re committed to ensuring the best possible adoption and support path for you. We want to give you the confidence that your systems will deliver benefits for your clinic, your team, and your patients.

Vision RT offers comprehensive, best-in-class service and support. On this page, you’ll find details about how we work with you to make installation easy, how we offer day to day service and support and how our service agreements can give you peace of mind and ensure your teams have access to the training and resources they need.

No one knows Vision RT’s products like we do. As a team of passionate, experienced technical and clinical professionals, we are dedicated to giving you the best support experience possible.

Vision RT was named “best in class” for customer service/support by 53% of participants with various other well-known radiation therapy suppliers making up the remainder. Customers cited product quality, clinical evidence, and quality of service and support as the three main reasons for choosing Vision RT.

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Dedicated Project Management

From the beginning, our highly experienced Vision RT project manager will work closely with your team to ensure that we minimize any onsite disruption by coordinating, planning and executing every milestone and every detail correctly and on schedule.


Speedy and professional installation:
  • Our engineers ensure the highest quality implementations of all the key technical aspects of your installation
  • System installed in just 3-4 days* working collaboratively with your onsite team
  • We can minimize onsite disruption by working outside of business hours (Mon-Fri)
  • We will ensure the room is ready for clinical treatment after every day of the installation
  • Full installation can be completed over the weekend at an additional cost

*Depends on product configuration & modules purchased

Support Services

Field Service Engineers

The Vision RT Field Services Team is comprised of highly experienced product experts who understand every technical element of the Vision RT systems. The team is focused on ensuring the best possible experience – from the order being received to installation and on-going support. Our sole aim is to provide minimum disruption and maximum effectiveness for your team and the system you have invested in.  Our support team works to an industry-leading 99% availability target, through remote and on-site support.

Remote Support Capabilities

Remote Support Capabilities

Our product experts have remote access to your system and can provide immediate support to minimize any downtime ensuring you get the help you need quickly and effectively.

Onsite support

Onsite support

Vision RT understands that your patients and their treatment come first. That’s why our team of local field service engineers provide post-treatment onsite support, to limit any disruptions to patient workflow.

24/7 Phone Support

24/7 Phone Support

Log an incident anytime, any day. Our technical and clinical experts will be on hand to support you as quickly as possible.

Response Time

Response Time

Submit a service request via the Vision RT Helpdesk and a service representative will respond to your service request in <1 hour

Service Agreements

Vision RTs Comprehensive Service & Support Contract protects your investment.  It comes with the confidence of knowing you have an assigned Field Service Engineer and Clinical Applications Specialist to contact for help remotely or onsite.  We want to ensure you get the best possible system uptime and on-going clinical adoption. It’s that simple.

Choosing our Comprehensive Service & Support Contract means:

  • All spare parts and labor are covered
  • All software updates & upgrades are included
    • We define updates as minor revisions and bug fixes
    • We define upgrades as enhancements to existing functionality
  • Bi-annual Clinical Applications Specialist follow-up
  • Annual training credits offered
  • And many other benefits……

For full details on our Comprehensive Service & Support Contract download our service brochure.

Customer support contact numbers

If you have a technical issue or question, get in touch with our best-in-class customer service team by calling any of the numbers below, all of which are redirected to our main customer support center.

Austria – 0800 291352

Belgium – 0800-15-039

Canada – 1-888-868-4109

Denmark – 80-83-04-30

EMEA & APAC +44 113 471 8035

Finland – 0800-413786

France – 0-805-08-00-04

Germany – 0800 1813165

India – 000 800 320 1495

Ireland – 1800 901 779

Netherlands – 0800-0223486

Norway  (Toll-free) – 800 62 589

Poland  – 0-0-800-4911951

Portugal – 800-181-696

Russia (Toll-free)  8 (800) 100-94-74

Spain – 900-998-430

Sweden – 020-10-93-38

Switzerland – 0800-564-808

United Kingdom – 0208-349-6519

USA – 1-866-594-5443
or 1-833-661-3145

Visit the Vision RT cybersecurity page for information and updates on vulnerabilities and other cybersecurity reports.