Vision RT technology is in use in more than 2700 Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) systems in active clinical use around the world and is protected by 165 granted patents, with many more pending.

A product of more than 15 years’ refinement in both hardware and software, our innovations allow users to deliver Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) easily, quickly and with submillimeter accuracy*. Click the links below to learn more.


Vision RT Compatible masks are open-faced masks for use with Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT), approved in partnership with various leading mask manufacturers.

You can recognize masks that are Vision RT Compatible when you see the above logo on the mask’s packaging or marketing materials.

With SGRT, SRS is performed while the patient is wearing an open-faced thermoplastic mask. This enables the patient’s movement to be monitored at all times and at all angles, by tracking the surface of the skin in real time. If the patient moves out of the desired treatment position, the radiation beam can be automatically paused.

Vision RT’s frameless SRS solution is proven to be accurate across several independent studies¹ and has published patient outcomes data comparable to more invasive techniques², while delivering greater patient comfort and fast treatment times. By listing open-faced masks as Vision RT Compatible, the company is confirming that these masks, when used correctly, can work as part of a procedure with AlignRT. This is intended to simplify customers’ choice of mask vendor.

Regulatory Information

Our technical team works to the highest standard in the development of software and hardware for the Vision RT product range. In addition, quality procedures are in place for the manufacture and installation of the company’s medical products. We have received accreditation from the BSI for the internationally recognised ISO 13485:2016 quality system for medical devices.

Our products are licensed in the USA, China, Japan, EU, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Taiwan and numerous countries across Latin and Central America, the Gulf Region and Africa and Asia.

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