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Vision RT is educating patients and referring providers about AlignRT, driving awareness and demand

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+230,000 website visits

+32,000 treatment locator searches to date

8 out of the top 12 searched centers on our locator are tattoo and mark-free centers

+200 US centers are using our resources to educate patients in their local market.

Patients are searching for the most advanced treatment and for specialists who specialize in their cancer care. The cardiac sparing and tattoo and mark-free benefits of AlignRT are important pieces of information to share with patients.  Help us educate patients in your area.

Customized Patient Marketing

See how these clinics have used our patient education and marketing resources to educate their patients and increase demand:

FREE, Customizable Patient Education & Marketing Resources

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Vision RT offers AlignRT customers a FREE Patient Education Toolkit with customizable, turnkey patient education and marketing resources to help them differentiate their center from the competition.

75% of the top searched centers on have promoted the AlignRT technology with our Patient Education Toolkit resources.

Patient Education Toolkit Downloadable Marketing Resources

Vision RT offers a library of over 40 different patient education and marketing resources. These resources are designed for you to use in your center.  Add your center’s logo and contact information and they are ready for distribution. Below are a few of our most popular.

Doctor Discussion Guides

Patient Education Videos

Referring Physician Educational Handouts

A handout for patients to discuss their treatment and how AlignRT may be good for them.

A patient education video that helps patients understand the benefits of DIBH and prepare for treatment.

A handout to educate referring physicians about the benefits of the AlignRT technology and to encourage them to refer patients to your center.

To request access to these resources and all our other Patient Education Resources > 

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