Vision RT system is purchased by West Michigan Cancer Center following a competitive evaluation

15th October 2015
Nicola Sheppey

13 October 2015. Vision RT is pleased to announce today that a cancer clinic in Kalamazoo, Michigan, has selected AlignRT as their optical solution of choice for motion management for SRS and a range of other clinical applications, following an extensive evaluation.

Recently, West Michigan Cancer Center had been searching for a replacement for the Varian Optical Guidance Platform (OGP) system used for Linac-based SRS systems. The treatment center installed a trial 3D surface imaging system from a competitor of Vision RT but faced months of an unsatisfactory evaluation. In search of an alternative solution, they went on to consider Vision RT’s AlignRT product instead.

The group from West Michigan then visited one of Vision RT’s clinical sites and were able to evaluate effective SRS treatments – their main interest – but also to see AlignRT in use for SBRT and deep inspiration breath hold treatments.

“We were extremely impressed by the clinical performance of Vision RT’s products, the advanced status of its user community, and the high level of support offered by Vision RT,” says Dr. Linda Grossheim, Division of Radiation Oncology, West Michigan Cancer Center. WMCC went on to purchase the system and are now in the process of implementing it in their facility.

“With over 50 scientific publications demonstrating the clinical efficacy of Vision RT’s products at numerous clinical sites across the USA, Vision RT is delighted to be a trusted solution for customers looking for a non-invasive, non-ionizing solution for motion management,” comments Dr. Norman Smith, CEO of Vision RT. “This is another endorsement of our products becoming the established standard of care in radiation therapy.”