Vision RT introduces AlignRT® Advance, the next generation of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT)

23rd March 2020

LONDON 23 March

Vision RT, the inventors of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) and developers of superior solutions for the radiotherapy market, today announced the launch of AlignRT® Advance, the next generation of their market-leading technology.

AlignRT Advance has been developed over a five-year period and incorporates invaluable feedback received from hundreds of current AlignRT users, gained while treating thousands of cancer patients.

AlignRT Advance has been carefully specifically designed to deliver speed, ease of use and a streamlined and efficient workflow. This new system is fast to learn and use, and promises enhanced patient safety with interconnectivity across the Vision RT portfolio and beyond.

New features include:

  • Up to 3x increase in speed over current software
  • Automated tasks to streamline patient preparation (reducing the amount of time and number of clicks needed for typical tasks and workflows)
  • Overall easier treatment management through a fast and intuitive workflow

AlignRT Advance also includes an option to purchase the new Postural Video™ module which offers clear positional guidance from multiple angles during setup and monitoring.

Kyle Woods, Lead Therapy Radiographer at Cambridge Genesis Care, and an early adopter of the new platform said: “I promise you won’t ever look back! AlignRT Advance is very quick & easy to use and means treatment times are minimized. Postural Video makes patient setup and monitoring in real-time much easier. Workflows are much easier with importing patients & getting ready for treatment.”

Dr. Vania Batista, Medical Physicist, Heidelberg University Hospital, said: “It is much easier to prepare and edit the patient data in AlignRT Advance. The best feature is the Postural Video module because it allows fast recognition of misalignments. It is a powerful tool to understand exactly where the changes happen when the patient falls outside tolerance during the treatment.”

Norman Smith, CEO of Vision RT, said: “We’re incredibly proud of AlignRT Advance and we believe this launch marks the beginning of the next generation of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy products. We’ve listened to feedback from our users over the years and built a system that really incorporates their feedback. The most noticeable thing is the new interface, which is easier to learn and to use than ever before. But the improvements go much deeper. Frame rates and workflows are faster, and a range of new capabilities have been introduced to improve the user experience. AlignRT Advance is a key step in Vision RT’s goal of offering improved safety and quality for all cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy.”