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Published data suggests that approximately 10% of patients have errors in their treatment that can be detected¹– by Cherenkov Imaging.DoseRT brings together Cherenkov Imaging with AlignRT and Horizon cameras², to monitor both beam and patient positioning in real-time. 

Monitor beam and position in real time

What is Cherenkov Imaging?

During radiation therapy, Cherenkov light is emitted from the patient’s skin where the radiation beam enters or exits the body. 

Cherenkov Imaging uses highly sensitive cameras, synchronized with both the linac and SGRT, to visualize this light from the patient’s skin. 

Dose RT

Delivery incidents caught by Cherenkov Imaging

MLC Error
Cherenkov Imaging and Dose RT
Unplanned exit dose to the chin
Cherenkov Imaging and Dose RT
Bolus misplacement
Cherenkov Imaging and Dose RT

Dose RT

Cherenkov Imaging: Seeing RT in a New Light

Brian Pogue, PhD – Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Professor of Engineering & Surgery at Dartmouth discusses the possibilities Cherenkov imaging offers to radiation therapy.


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