AlignRT® InBore™ is an SGRT solution for bore-based linacs, enabling 6DoF intrafraction patient monitoring for enhanced treatment accuracy, safety, and workflow.

AlignRT InBore combines the benefits of ceiling mounted AlignRT Advance camera pods for patient setup, with an innovative, miniaturized SGRT ring camera system mounted within the bore for 6DoF intra-fraction monitoring, including DIBH and stereotactic treatments.

This novel approach provides a comprehensive end-to-end SGRT solution for patients undergoing treatment on bore based treatment platforms, without the physical design of the bore-based system compromising the SGRT benefits.

“AlignRT InBore allows us to combine the benefits of fast CBCT, high dose rate and continuous monitoring of patient motion to perform safe DIBH treatments”
Daniel Nguyen, Medical Physicist, Orlam Group

Published data from UCSD demonstrates that using AlignRT for setup can reduce treatment times, reduce repeat imaging and improve patient position accuracy by reducing residual rotational errors.¹

Mean total treatment time reduced by 5% after AlignRT implementation¹

Up to 50% reduction in the number of fractions requiring setup correction and additional imaging fields¹

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