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AlignRT Advance is a system which tracks a patient’s position before and during radiation therapy, to deliver a streamlined and efficient workflow for accurate treatment set up and delivery.

Using proprietary 3D stereo camera units, AlignRT Advance tracks the skin surface in real-time and compares it to the ideal position with sub-millimetric† accuracy so that radiation is only delivered when the patient is correctly positioned, enhancing patient safety.

If the patient moves out of the desired position, AlignRT Advance can automatically signal for the treatment delivery system to pause radiation. Innovative features include the Postural Video™ module which provides clear positional guidance from multiple angles to get the patient back into the correct position quickly and easily.

Patient comfort is increased as AlignRT Advance can eliminate the need for tattoos or additional radiation. It is safe and non-invasive and can be used for fast and accurate patient setup and monitoring for all forms of cancer, including breast, brain, lung, liver, sarcoma, head and neck and other cancers.

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Left breast cancer patients

Left breast cancer patients

Published long term data shows AlignRT helps to reduce radiation heart damage when used with Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH).

Brain cancer patients

Brain cancer patients

Two studies suggest AlignRT can deliver the same clinical outcomes as more invasive procedures, with increased patient comfort and fast treatment times.

Pediatric Patients

Lung and liver patients

AlignRT may be used to enable reproducible and accurate delivery.


AlignRT + Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH)

Radiotherapy has been shown to cause volume-dependent cardiac perfusion defects in 27% of patients within 6 months¹.

During a study at the University of North Carolina, 20 patients were treated using AlignRT for DIBH. 0% of these have exhibited cardiac perfusion defects in SPECT images acquired 6 months after treatment².

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  • "Vision RT decreases both the time of breast setup for right and left breast lesions, and has really improved our accuracy. Vision RT has also improved the setup for many other disease sites … it is improving our accuracy and throughput."  
    Nancy Wiggers MD - Nancy Wiggers MD - Radiation Oncologist, Department Chair, Northside Hospital*
  • “What we were really after was equivalent positional accuracy. If we could find a technology and justify to ourselves that it is equivalent to existing technologies, that’s what we were going for. Enter Vision RT and their AlignRT product, and we had the tool that we were looking for.”
    Todd Pawlicki, PhD DABR FAAPM - Todd Pawlicki, PhD DABR FAAPM - Vice Chair and Professor, Dept. of Radiation Medicine and Applied Sciences, UCSD
  • “Vision RT provides a simple-to-use and very effective way to save dose to the heart and lung in these patients. Our ambition is to widen the use of respiratory gating in the future.”
    Mathias Dierl - Mathias Dierl - Head of Medical Physics, Klinikum Bayreuth, Germany
  • "It is much easier to prepare and edit the patient data in AlignRT Advance. The best feature is the Postural Video module because it allows fast recognition of misalignments. It is a powerful tool to understand exactly where the changes happen when the patient falls outside tolerance during the treatment."
    Dr. Vania Batista -Dr. Vania Batista -Heidelberg University Hospital
  • “AlignRT is a safe and non-invasive method to accurately position and monitor patients throughout treatment delivery.”
    Karl Jordan - Karl Jordan - Medical Physicist. St Vincent's Private Hospital (SVPH) Dublin
  • “We’ve had 53 out of 54 patients where we have not had to repeat their weekly X-Ray images. That is a significant finding for us –it’s showing us that we’re getting a dose reduction because we’re not having to repeat X-Ray images on these patients, and it’s also showing us how reliable the AlignRT system really is in patient positioning.”
    Heather Warmouth BS RT(T) - Heather Warmouth BS RT(T) - Radiation Therapist, Fletcher Allen Health Care (TX):
  • "I have to say that this is really the missing piece that we felt we needed in order to move fully to frameless, image-guided radiation … we are very comfortable treating multiple metastases, feeling that we are able to give treatment as planned."  
    Josh Yamada MD FRCPC - Josh Yamada MD FRCPC - Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center*
  • “AlignRT helps us increase confidence in every treatment we use it for allowing for more accurate treatment delivery. In addition, tattooless treatments are proving popular with our patients.”
    Luke Rock - Luke Rock - Head of Medical Physics, Beacon Hospital, Dublin
  • "With SBRT, since it is such a high dose in such a small amount of time we often [used to] reimage in the middle of treatment, and AlignRT® has helped us not have to do that … [it’s] a huge time-saver."  ............ ............ ..................    ........     .......  
    Kristen Beck - Kristen Beck - Staff Radiation Physicist, Sutter Medical Foundation

*These customer quotes report on clinical use and performance of Vision RT’s products by independent users. These are not validated by Vision RT and thus are not endorsed by Vision RT. Users of Vision RT’s products should develop and validate their own workflows consistent with clinical practice within their facility.