Patient FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Patients

What is Surface Guided Radiation Therapy?

Surface Guided Radiation Therapy, also known as SGRT, uses surface-tracking technology to monitor the position of your skin surface in 3D during positioning and treatment with radiation therapy. This helps make sure that you are accurately positioned throughout treatment, which means that only the intended areas of your body are targeted by radiation. Click here to learn more.

What does Vision RT technology do in my treatment?

Vision RT’s AlignRT® system gives guidance to the radiation therapist to help accurately and quickly position you before treatment, and then monitors your movement during radiation delivery. AlignRT shows warnings to the therapist or can even switch off the radiation if you move out of the intended position. All of this ensures that your treatment is as safe and efficient as possible.

AlignRT is completely safe, non-invasive, and does not use any ionizing radiation.

How does it work?

AlignRT’s three stereo camera units image the surface of your body. The software reconstructs the data using advanced algorithms, to create a 3D model of your body’s surface in real time.

During the treatment planning sessions, your radiation team will find the optimum body position for you to be in during treatment, and image this in 3D with a CT scanner. AlignRT takes this image to give directions to the radiation therapists on how to position you for treatment. It then monitors your surface during treatment for any movement out of the intended position, and can be linked to the treatment delivery system to automatically pause radiation if required.

The real time monitoring from AlignRT helps to ensure that you are positioned quickly and only treated when you are in the intended position.

What will I experience during treatment?

The only thing you may notice from AlignRT or other Vision RT products is the harmless red light shining from the camera units. Otherwise, the product is completely non-invasive, whilst providing continuous updates to the radiotherapy practitioners of your 3D position.

Where’s the nearest treatment center to me that uses SGRT?

You can find out where your nearest center is located using our Find a Treatment Center page. Input your town, area, or ZIP code if you are in the US, into our map to find convenient centers that use Vision RT technology.