Vision RT systems are in 37 of the top 50 US News “Best Hospitals for Cancer”. Here you can find out why.

Accuracy is vital during radiation therapy. Radiation therapists take great care to ensure that patients are in the right place for treatment, to ensure that only the target area receives radiation and healthy tissue is spared. However, patients naturally move during treatment, and this slight movement can be difficult to detect.

AlignRT detects motion during radiation therapy using three advanced camera units, which monitor thousands of points on the skin. If the patient moves outside an acceptable position, by even a millimeter, AlignRT automatically pauses the radiation. Once the patient is back in position, AlignRT allows treatment to continue.

Vision RT is the leading provider of Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) imaging tools. SGRT can be used for a wide range of body sites and types of cancer, and has many clinical studies supporting its use. Learn more using the links below.