Vision RT User Meeting 2015: Proceedings

The second Vision RT User Meeting took place during May 14-15 2015, in Denver, Colorado. Physicians, physicists and therapists discussed their experiences and best practices with Vision RT on a range of treatment sites, including DIBH, SRS, and SBRT.

Below, click through the videos to see full proceedings from the event.


Please note: These presentations report on clinical use of Vision RT products by independent users. These have not been validated by Vision RT and thus are not endorsed by Vision RT. Users of Vision RT’s products should develop and validate their own workflows consistent with clinical practice within their facility.

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Watch highlights from our second User Meeting, where clinical experts spoke about their experiences using Vision RT technology for treatment sites such as SRS, SBRT, Deep Inspiration Breath Hold, pediatrics, and more.

Welcome and Introduction

Samantha Allen RT(R)(T), Senior Manager - Clinical Support, and Norman Smith PhD, President & CEO, Vision RT


Vision RT representatives Samantha Allen RT(R)(T) and Norman Smith PhD welcome attendees to the second Vision RT User Meeting in Denver, May 2015.

Left Breast DIBH Implementation and Workflow with AlignRT

Amanda Havnen-Smith PhD DABR, Medical Physicist, Ridges Radiation Oncology Therapy Center, Minneapolis Radiation Oncology


Amanda Havnen-Smith PhD DABR presents AlignRT as a reliable and efficient tool for implementation of the DIBH technique in the treatment of left-sided breast cancers.

AlignRT: Installation to Clinical Implementation

Maggie O'Connor BSRT(T), Manager of Radiation Oncology Technical Services, HealthQuest


Maggie O’Connor BSRT(T) presents on implementing AlignRT, the improved staff confidence and accuracy of patient setup after its installation.

AlignRT Commissioning Process

Jonathan Rogers MS DABR, Senior Medical Physicist, Alyzen Medical Physics


Jonathan Rogers MS DABR presents on commissioning AlignRT and routine QA, and how by performing end-to-end tests, clinically relevant cases can be confidently delivered using surface imaging.

Lung SBRT Experience Utilizing AlignRT at Cape Cod Hospital

Gabor Menyhart MS DABR, Chief Physicist, Cape Cod Hospital)


Gabor Menyhart MS DABR presents on how using GateCT and AlignRT for lung SBRT simulations and treatments at Cape Cod Hospital resulted in a very positive experience for both patients and staff.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery: An Evolution Towards Surface-Image Guide (SIG) Real-time Tracking

Kevin Murphy MD, Director of Radiosurgery, University of California, San Diego


Kevin Murphy MD presents on AlignRT for SRS and his experience of 3D surface imaging as a reliable and efficient tool for stereotactic radiosurgery radiotherapy treatment.

Using Vision RT in a Pediatric Setting - Craniospinal Treatments and More

Alisha Chlebik BS RT(T), Children's Hospital of Los Angeles


Alisha Chlebik BS RT(T) presents on using AlignRT for pediatric treatments and their experience seeing a decrease in the number of repeated films, no need for skin marks, and more efficient treatments.

AlignRT - Not Just for “Cheese Heads” - Every Patient, Every Fraction

Kim Schwab BS RT(T) and Amy Riemer BS RT(T), The Cancer Team at Bellin Health, Green Bay


Kim Schwab BS RT(T) and Amy Riemer BS RT(T) share their experiences on how AlignRT can be an integral part of daily patient care, and can help to streamline patient setups and eliminate variability at a small community-based clinic as well as large academic oncology centers.

3D Surface Imaging for SRS from Start to Finish

Mike Tallhamer MSc DABR, Chief of Radiation Physics, Centura Health Parker Adventist Hospital


Mike Tallhamer MSc DABR presents on the background and early experience of using a 3D optical surface imaging system for SRS and SBRT, and how this kind of technology fits into existing quality management programs.

DIBH for Left Breast Treatments - a Hands On Workshop

Amanda Havnen-Smith PhD DABR, Medical Physicist, Ridges Radiation Oncology Therapy Center, Minneapolis Radiation Oncology and Jennifer L. Brewer RT(R)(T) CMD BS, Registered Radiation Therapist, Cone Health Cancer Center


Amanda Havnen-Smith PhD DABR and Jennifer L. Brewer RT(R)(T) CMD BS provide a thorough understanding of the workflow for AlignRT DIBH in the simulation and treatment of left breast patients.

Construction Zone: Building a Proper ROI

Dawn Perez RT, Global Training Manager, Vision RT


Vision RT representative Dawn Perez RT gives users a better understanding of the surface registration process in AlignRT and how they can create appropriate ROI’s for each anatomical site for optimal registration results.

AlignRT Basics - Refining Your Current Skill Set - a Therapist’s Workshop

Rachael Francis BS RTT MBA, Clinical Applications Support Specialist, Vision RT


Vision RT representative Rachael Francis Francis BS RTT MBA leads a workshop covering a general overview of the AlignRT system and deeper exploration of the tools within the software that may not often be used to their full potential.

Liver and Abdominal SBRT with AlignRT in Your Radiotherapy Clinic

John Sweet MS and Karen Zimmerman BS RT(T), Calaway Young Cancer Center, Valley View Hospital


John Sweet MS and Karen Zimmerman BS RT(T) present on how AlignRT has improved complicated high-dose procedures, and their experience of treating smaller target volumes than free-breathing or abdominal compression using DIBH and AlignRT.

Vision RT Reimbursement

Tim Nicholson, VP Sales, the Americas, Vision RT


Vision RT representative Tim Nicholson presents an update on the reimbursement information for Vision RT products.

Implementation of an Optical Surface Imaging System for Use in 4D Simulation Procedures

Mike Tallhamer MSc DABR, Chief of Radiation Physics, Centura Health Parker Adventist Hospital


Mike Tallhamer MSc DABR presents on how introducing GateCT for 4D simulations has resulted in better simulation setups, a streamlined simulation process, a simplified quality management program, and lowered workload demands on dosimetry compared to previously implemented systems.

AlignRT Clinical Implementations at MSKCC; Clinical Trial on Prospective Assessment of DIBH

Lily Tang PhD, Chief Physicist/Assistant Attending, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Lily Tang PhD presents on how treatments to the left breast with DIBH and AlignRT appears to be able to prevent the development of RT-associated cardiac perfusion abnormalities.

Same Accuracy, More Comfort: Open Mask Head and Neck Treatments

Jackie Maurer PhD DABR, Physicist, Cone Health Cancer Center


Jackie Maurer PhD DABR presents on a trial at Cone Health Cancer Center utilizing an open-faced mask for head and neck treatments to reduce claustrophobia and anxiety for the patients, and enable real time monitoring of patient position during treatment.

Evolution of AlignRT: from Then until Now, and What the Future Holds

Brittany Chaddock RT(T) BASc MPS, Product Manager, Vision RT


Vision RT representative Brittany Chaddock RT(T) BASc MPS presents on how AlignRT has evolved since 2009 and what is in store for future upgrades.

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