University Medical Center Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, Invests in Cutting-Edge Radiation Therapy Technology for Enhanced Precision and Patient Safety

University Medical Center Mannheim

Setting a new standard in radiation therapy, University Medical center Mannheim, University of Heidelberg, proudly announces its investment in cutting-edge DoseRT® Cherenkov imaging plus AlignRT® technology. This innovative suite of tools promises to transform cancer treatment by enhancing precision and patient safety.

Radiation therapy is indispensable in cancer care, but even minor inaccuracies can yield significant consequences. DoseRT represents a breakthrough by merging Cherenkov imaging with AlignRT Horizon cameras, delivering real-time insights into radiation dose delivery and patient positioning to avert errors and improve clinical outcomes.

Cherenkov imaging captures emissions generated when radiation interacts with the skin during treatment. DoseRT uses highly sensitive cameras to visualize radiation dose delivery in real time and is integrated seamlessly with AlignRT, a surface guided radiation therapy (SGRT) system. AlignRT monitors patient positioning and triggers alerts if a patient moves out of the desired treatment position. This enables swift corrections or treatment pauses until the desired position is reinstated.

This advanced technology not only safeguards healthy tissue and organs but also sets the stage for pioneering research. University Medical Center Mannheim is one of the first the early adopters worldwide, committed to refining this breakthrough technology and unlocking its full potential through ongoing research initiatives.

“This technology empowers us to deliver unparalleled patient care while driving our vision of leading-edge research to advance radiation treatment,” says Dr. Frank A. Giordano, Director of the Clinic for Radiation Therapy and Radiation Oncology at Mannheim University Medical Center.

In University Medical Center Mannheim AlignRT technology is available since April 2024, while DoseRT is slated for release later this year.