Left breast treatment with AlignRT and DIBH*

During treatment planning, a patient lies on their back in a CT scanner while a 3D image is taken of their body. They are asked to take a very deep breath – usually for 15-25 seconds – so that the breast area is as far from the heart as it can be. This is called Deep Inspiration Breath Hold, or DIBH.

Then, during treatment, the patient takes and holds a deep breath in the same way as before, and when the breast area is in the same position as during planning, the display lights turn green and AlignRT turns the radiation beam on.

Using three camera units to monitor thousands of points on your skin, AlignRT can detect any motion as the patient holds their breath — side to side, up and down, forward and back, and more — with sub-millimeter accuracy. So if the patient moves, it turns the radiation off.

The cancer is treated. The heart is protected.

*Note: Individual circumstances may vary, and are dependent on the hospital that is delivering treatment.