Alison Young’s experience

Alison Young had her left breast treated with radiation therapy in 2016. Her center in London, UK, used AlignRT and DIBH.

“When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, getting the best type of treatment became my top priority. I wasn’t told the benefits of DIBH prior to my treatment, but since then I’ve learned more about it. After my first setup session I thought about breath hold, and how very important it is.

“There are side effects to every treatment and you accept that. But knowing that breath holding, as part of the radiotherapy treatment, would significantly – if not completely – reduce the risk of long term damage to my heart was extremely comforting. I’ve since learned that if I’d gone to a treatment center that wouldn’t have been able to perform DIBH with AlignRT, that would have been a real issue – I feel heightened knowing that it was available to me.

“The technique from AlignRT made the whole process simple and easy to follow. The visual feedback was very helpful – seeing the bar move up and down meant that when I was in tolerance, it was delightful to know everything was going to plan. Receiving immediate, real-time feedback on my position and knowing that the beam would switch off if I moved out of tolerance was very reassuring.

“I feel very lucky to have had access to technology like this during my treatment. If I’d have known the benefits before, I would have felt even more empowered and relaxed during treatment.”

Watch a video of Alison Young presenting at a ceremony on her experience of left breast cancer and DIBH treatment.