Training Process

The Vision RT Customer Training Program consists of three phases to ensure users gain a thorough understanding of their Vision RT products.


Phase 1: Product Training

For all customers, initial product training takes place at one of our training centers:

  • Columbia, MD (USA)
  • London (United Kingdom)

Two or three users designated as “Super-Users” are invited to attend the Product Training Session. The Super-Users will train and support the rest of the staff at their facility and be the ‘go to’ users for the Vision RT product(s) until all staff are proficient.

Off-site training takes the customer out of the busy clinical setting of their facility and puts them in an environment conducive to high quality, uninterrupted time with the trainer to ensure all aspects of the product(s) are studied, with the added benefit of being able to discuss ideas and techniques with peers.


Phase 2: Remote Evaluation

The Vision RT training team will schedule a follow up live remote WebEx/Axeda session at an appropriate date (approximately 2 weeks after initial Product Training is complete). During this session the users will log in to the Vision RT live training system and will be able to share their level of understanding of AlignRT® navigation and functionality.


Phase 3: “Go Live”

Vision RT trainers will visit the treatment center to observe trained users using AlignRT, offer feedback and suggestions, and discuss potential workflows.

If applicable, they will establish the interface between the linac and AlignRT, and provide workflow training for the AlignRT gating interface.

They will also meet with administration at the treatment center to discuss expansion of AlignRT use and future support.