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GateCT Advance is a standalone surface tracking platform for CT sim, which allows regions of a patient’s surface to be tracked in real-time, using a centrally-positioned 3D camera.

GateCT Advance: A step change in speed and ease of use from the leaders in SGRT

GateCT Advance offers a flexible solution to many of the challenges of 4DCT and Breath Hold acquisition.

Marker-less: No physical markers, box, belt or other patient contact needed, nor anything attached to the couch. Choose and monitor any tracking point in real time from the control room.

Non-invasive and no ionizing radiation

Intuitive: Easy to correct phase tags and label breathing data, tracking data can be viewed offline

GateCT Advance Includes:

Connection to Real Time Coach™ breath coaching device

DIBH workflow including coaching prior to and during scan

Breath hold timer and monitor

Advanced Camera Optimization (ACO)

In-room monitor, keyboard and mouse

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