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AlignRT® demonstrated 14% treatment time savings¹

You’ve considered SGRT, but now it’s TIME to look into its benefits for safety, accuracy and efficiency.

There’s a reason Vision RT’s AlignRT® technology is being used by all 15 of the top 15 “Best Hospitals for Cancer” in the United States².

You can find out more about why, by looking through some of our case studies, below, from clinics that have translated the time-savings offered by AlignRT into better patient experiences, faster patient throughput, and an increased return on their investments.

AlignRT horizon camera
The business case for SGRT with AlignRT

The business case for SGRT with AlignRT

Case study: Reduction in treatment time and increased throughput

Case Study: Financial Growth and Throughput

Reduction in Expenses, Increase in Patient Volume

Case Study: Tattoo and Mark-Free Treatments

¹ « SGRT as a Replacement for Patient Marks in Treatment of Breast Cancer. » Herron, et al. ASTRO 2018 Poster
2 According to U.S. News and World Report’s 2022-2023 “Best Hospitals for Cancer. »

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