GateCT offers a flexible solution to many of the challenges of 4DCT, using a single stereo camera unit which tracks the patient during CT acquisition. Gate CT can be used to track a patient’s breathing during CT scanning and thereby enable 4DCT acquisition and reconstruction. Benefits include:

Marker-less: No physical markers, box, belt or bellows needed, nor anything attached to the couch

Non-invasive and no ionizing radiation

Intuitive: Easy to correct phase tags and label breathing data, tracking data can be viewed offline

Product - GateCT

Control the tech. Focus on the patient.

  • Choose and monitor any tracking point in real time from the control room
  • No physical markers, belt or bellows needed
  • Easily correct phase tags and label breathing data
  • Non-invasive and non-ionizing optical system
  • Synchronize with the CT scanner to facilitate 4DCT reconstruction
  • Tracking data can be reviewed offline

« GateCT® provides us with a quick and easy to use workflow for use during our 4D simulation process. Unlike many of the other systems I have used in the past, there are no additional markers, fiducials, belts or any other physical devices to place on (or in) our patients making the 4DCT process much simpler.

“GateCT® allows me to ensure the best possible tracking throughout the 4DCT process while minimizing the time requirements for our patients.”

It is the only system available that allows me to test the suitability of multiple tracking points through a point and click approach from the console without having to go into the room … That in combination with features like real-time trace monitoring and the intuitive editing features of the software allows me to ensure the best possible tracking throughout the 4DCT process while minimizing the time requirements for our patients. »

Mike Tallhamer MS, Chief of Physics*

*This customer quote reports on the clinical use and performance of Vision RT products by independent users. This has not been validated by Vision RT and thus is not endorsed by Vision RT. Users of Vision RT’s products should develop and validate their own workflows consistent with clinical practice within their facility.

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