Case Study: AlignRT Improves Efficiency and Accuracy

The Challenge

Shenzhen People's Hospital, China wanted to improve patient set up, treatment accuracy, and efficiency for breast cancer patients. They also wanted to establish a workflow utilizing the “move couch” function to improve workflow efficiency.


Establish accurate, real-time monitoring of intrafraction motion for DIBH, SBRT, SRT and other procedures.


Decrease treatment procedure time but still provide patients with safe and accurate treatment.

AAPM TG302 Compliance

Required an SGRT system with <0.5mm accuracy for all patient skin tones, couch and gantry angles.


Vision RT’s Clinical Application Specialist provided the accessibility and on-site training that helped Shenzhen People’s Hospital develop consistent workflows to achieve their desired treatments in the most effective and efficient manner.

Data collection and verification

Conducted data/trial period on 30 patients, comparing treatment with and without AlignRT.

Analysis indicated that they were able to achieve better treatment accuracy and setup efficiency via patient setup with SGRT.

Training program

3-Phase training empowered staff

Clinical Applications support resolved workflow problems that staff encountered when they first started out with the system

Became a member of a cross-institutional exchange chatgroup in China organized by Vision RT

Attended SGRT Community's monthly webinar organized by Vision RT


1. AlignRT workflow improved set-up time by 35%

2. AlignRT maintained high setup accuracy delivering 23% more accurate treatments

3. AlignRT reduced imaging by 10%

4. AlignRT delivered a TG302-compliant system giving the enter accuracy, safety, faster treatment times, and enhanced patient comfort

"We take on a patient-centric approach in our hospital and always seek new technologies to deliver the best treatment for our patients. We like the fact that with AlignRT, we not only improve setup efficiency but with higher setup accuracy and with real-time monitoring, we ensure treatment is being delivered safely and accurately."

Heli Zhong, Chief Physicist

Future Plans

Shenzhen People's Hospital plans to expand the use of AlignRT to all treatment sites and use it for every fraction and patient. Once they have established the workflow for breast cancer patients, they would also like to expand the same workflow for other sites. They also plan to do additional studies on AlignRT to improve patient care.

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