Our free ESTRO symposium on how clinics are using Surface Guidance across the entire RT workflow:

The Evolution of SGRT

Sim, Plan, Treat, Dose

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Improving staff and patient satisfaction with SGRT; the Radiographer perspective

Lisa Laws
Principal Therapeutic Radiographer (Education, Research and Continuous Improvement), Rosemere Cancer Centre, Royal Preston Hospital, UK 

Clinical experience with marker-less surface guidance in EBRT, SBRT & SRS as well as surface guidance in non-coplanar treatment planning

Dr. med. Benjamin Gauter-Fleckenstein
Deputy chief medical officer, Department of radiation oncology and radiotherapy, Klinikum Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Germany

Redefining Radiation Therapy with SGRT at every step

Mike Tallhamer
Chief Physics, AdventHealth, Colorado, USA