Astro 2021 highlights

Video Highlights from the 2021 ASTRO Annual Meeting


Even if you weren't able to make this year's Annual ASTRO Meeting in Chicago, embedded below are some video highlights from Vision RT's booth.


SafeID™ is a touch-less solution for verifying that the right patient is selected for treatment.


SimRT™ is a standalone surface tracking platform for CT sim, which allows regions of a patient’s surface to be tracked in real-time, using a centrally-positioned 3D camera.

AlignRT® InBore™

AlignRT® InBore™ is an SGRT solution for use with Halcyon™ and Ethos™ linear accelerators*, enabling 6DoF intrafraction patient monitoring for enhanced treatment accuracy, safety, and workflow.


DoseRT™ brings together Cherenkov Imaging with AlignRT and Horizon cameras, to monitor both beam and patient positioning in real-time.

Patient Information

Information about how to inform patients about the benefits of AlignRT® technology.

A Medical Physicist's view of Vision RT's technology

Michael J Tallhamer M.Sc. DABR, Chief Medical Physics – Centura Health, takes you on a guided tour of the entire Vision RT demo booth - all in less than five minutes!

Cherenkov Imaging: Seeing RT in a New Light

Brian Pogue, PhD - Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and Professor of Engineering & Surgery at Dartmouth discusses the possibilities Cherenkov imaging offers to radiation therapy.

AlignRT®: The Road to Tattoo-free for All Patients

William C. Chen, MD Vice Chair of Radiation Medicine,
Quality and Safety Northwell Health discusses his clinic's path to tattoo and mark-free radiation therapy treatments

Free Your Gantry- New Dose Possibilities for Better Dose Distribution

Minsong Cao, PhD, DABR, FAAPM talks about reducing gantry collision.

* Halcyon™ & Ethos™ are registered trademarks of Varian Medical Systems. The use of Halcyon™ & Ethos™ herein is for identification purposes only. Use of these marks does not indicate sponsorship, affiliation, endorsement, or approval by Varian

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