Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT, also known as SABR) requires high positional accuracy. AlignRT® can track motion with better than 1mm accuracy, and as a result is used for both standard and breath hold SBRT.

AlignRT has been shown to help treat SBRT patients with relatively little immobilization, which leads to enhanced comfort. In addition, patients may be treated without fiducial placement, while potentially avoiding repeat imaging during the procedure.

AlignRT can reduce setup time, including shifts after X-ray imaging, and allows users to set independent thresholds for breathing. The patient can be tracked in real time and radiation stopped if they are out of position, and using breath hold technique, planned treatment volume may be minimized and 4D planning eliminated.

To learn more, click here to access a presentation by Dr David Marcus, Radiation Oncologist at Valley View Hospital (CO).

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Customer Testimonials

What our users say...

With SBRT, since it is such a high dose in such a small amount of time we often [used to] reimage in the middle of treatment, and AlignRT® has helped us not have to do that … [it’s] a huge time-saver.

Kristen Beck, Staff Radiation Physicist, Sutter Medical Foundation (formerly Radiological Associates of Sacramento)*

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold may represent the best of both worlds…eliminates respiratory motion, does not rely on accurate 4DCT capture, smaller volume than with ITV approach…AlignRT is easily incorporated into the SBRT workflow.

David Marcus MD, Valley View Hospital*

Only with a very small percentage of our cases do we end up taking another conebeam CT during [lung SBRT] treatment because we feel confident that [AlignRT] is doing what it’s supposed to be doing … It may be gutsy to say but I don’t think you need a lot of immobilization [for lung SBRT], frankly, when you have Vision RT monitoring throughout treatment … our treatment time is down to about 20 minutes, just a regular treatment. [The SBRT patients] fit in with the regular schedule, which is nice.

Gabor Menyhart, Cape Cod Hospital*
*These customer quotes report on clinical use and performance of Vision RT’s products by independent users. These are not validated by Vision RT and thus are not endorsed by Vision RT. Users of Vision RT’s products should develop and validate their own workflows consistent with clinical practice within their facility.
**Click here to view the list of validated beam-hold interfaces.

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