AlignRT Advance will be provided to all customers under service contracts on March 31st 2020 at no additional charge. This represents a significant saving versus standalone purchase of the software.

Click here to get in touch with, and discuss service contract options with your local sales manager, so you and your team can benefit from the next generation of SGRT, plus our best in class¹ service and support immediately.

AlignRT Advance has been developed over five years and incorporates invaluable feedback received from hundreds of AlignRT users while treating thousands of cancer patients.

The result – a completely new software platform utilizing the latest technologies, best in class UI and UX design and more – giving you:


  • Breathtaking speed – Up to three times the speed of your current software
  • Streamlined patient preparation – Dramatic reduction in numbers of clicks on typical tasks and completely redesigned user experience to optimize and simplify clinical worfklows
  • Easier treatment management – with ability to edit and change surfaces at any time
  • And much more


Ground-breaking new options such as Postural Video™ are also available for you to purchase with AlignRT Advance.

AlignRT Advance. Breath-taking speed from the leaders in SGRT.

¹ Results from 2 years of annual, independent survey of our customers asked, unprompted: “Who do you view as the supplier with ‘Best in Class’ customer service/support in the radiation oncology space?” Both years >50% of customers cited Vision RT as ‘Best in Class’.