Dr. Vania Batista
Medical Physicist, Heidelberg University Hospital

It is much easier to prepare and edit the patient data in AlignRT Advance. The best feature is the Postural Video module because it allows fast recognition of misalignments. It is a powerful tool to understand exactly where the changes happen when the patient falls outside tolerance during the treatment.

Kevin Murphy MD*

To me, AlignRT is a game-changing technology, it’s not going to go back. It’s too easy, it’s too fast, and the control rates are comparable to others that do frame-based technologies. It’s part of our routine day.

Amy Riemer BS RT(T)
The Cancer Team at Bellin Health, Green Bay*

Extremities – these can be so difficult for a therapist to set up. [AlignRT] just makes life so much easier. You can make sure that the bend of the arm or the bend of the knee is more accurate.

Nancy Wiggers MD
Radiation Oncologist, Department Chair, Northside Hospital*

Vision RT has also improved the setup for other sites such as extremity lesions and many other disease sites. You’re going to keep hearing this over and over again – it is improving our accuracy and throughput.

Margaret O’Connor BS RT(T)
Manager of Radiation Oncology Technical Services, Health Quest, New York, USA*

The benefits of AlignRT are to do with patient safety. Major positioning errors and minor positioning errors can all be caught by AlignRT and that’s a major benefit, both for us and for our patients who know they have that extra safety.

Gabor Menyhart
Cape Cod Hospital*

Only with a very small percentage of our cases do we end up taking another conebeam CT during [lung SBRT] treatment because we feel confident that [AlignRT] is doing what it’s supposed to be doing … It may be gutsy to say but I don’t think you need a lot of immobilization [for lung SBRT], frankly, when you have Vision RT monitoring throughout treatment … our treatment time is down to about 20 minutes, just a regular treatment. [The SBRT patients] fit in with the regular schedule, which is nice.

David Marcus MD
Valley View Hospital*

Deep Inspiration Breath Hold may represent the best of both worlds…eliminates respiratory motion, does not rely on accurate 4DCT capture, smaller volume than with ITV approach…AlignRT is easily incorporated into the SBRT workflow.

Kristen Beck
Staff Radiation Physicist, Sutter Medical Foundation (formerly Radiological Associates of Sacramento)*

With SBRT, since it is such a high dose in such a small amount of time we often [used to] reimage in the middle of treatment, and AlignRT® has helped us not have to do that … [it’s] a huge time-saver.

David Gladstone PhD
Chief of Clinical Physics, Radiation Oncology, Dartmouth-Hitchcock Norris Cotton Cancer Center*

We recently performed a very complex frameless SRS procedure using AlignRT for motion monitoring. Although this would have taken three hours using conventional methods, it took only one hour with the help of AlignRT.

Josh Yamada MD
Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital*

This is really the missing piece that we felt we needed in order to move fully to frameless, image-guided radiation. And now with the combination of Vision RT and a 6D couch, we are very comfortable treating multiple metastasis, feeling that we are able to give treatment as planned.

Larry Marks MD
Chair of Radiation, UNC*

Vision RT is a good way to support the breath hold technique to reduce heart exposure to our patients with left-sided breast cancer.

Nancy Wiggers MD
Radiation Oncologist, Department Chair, Northside Hospital*

Vision RT decreases both the time of breast setup for right and left breast lesions, and has really improved our accuracy. Vision RT has also improved the setup for many other disease sites … it is improving our accuracy and throughput.

Timothy M. Zagar MD
Assistant Professor, UNC*

In this single institution, [in the] Phase 2 trial we were able to put on 20 patients and demonstrate that Vision RT can prevent cardiac perfusion defects.

Matthew Taylor, RTT
Chief Radiation Therapist*

We’ve knocked down the time by half an hour from our previous setup and procedures … for SRS procedures [with AlignRT] we can get a patient in and out of the treatment room in 20-30 minutes.

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*These customer quotes report on clinical use and performance of Vision RT’s products by independent users. These are not validated by Vision RT and thus are not endorsed by Vision RT. Users of Vision RT’s products should develop and validate their own workflows consistent with clinical practice within their facility.