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More than just motion management.


Providing more than just motion management

AlignRT is the principal product of Vision RT. With its optical surface tracking capability, you can ensure a patient is set up in the correct position before therapy and track any intrafraction movement during the treatment via real time feedback.

Its revolutionary design provides speed and accuracy, and a simple user-friendly interface makes it the ideal tool for therapists. AlignRT presents the optimum tracking solution with no need for markers on the skin nor any extra irradiation, creating a safe and comfortable environment for the patient.

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  1. Patient Setup
  2. Surveillance
  3. Information for Patients
  4. Additional Features

Patient Setup

Prior to treatment, you can use AlignRT to make sure that your patient is positioned in the same way as they were during simulation.

Once the treatment planning stage is complete, you can export the data from the treatment planning system into AlignRT. The information that will be exported includes a DICOM RT Plan and the RT Structure set.

AlignRT uses the RT Plan and RT Struct files to allow you to create a reference Image of the patient, also using the patient’s skin contour and isocenter or plan based location. This information then becomes the DICOM-based reference surface within AlignRT.

Your goal is to have the patient realign to the exact position on the treatment table as the one they were simulated in; with AlignRT, you can view coordinates that indicate any misalignment using the in-room control. If the patient moves in any direction, you will observe this movement with "real time deltas" in all six degrees of freedom.

For ease and relevance, you can select one or multiple regions of interest (ROI) for the AlignRT system to track. With a selected ROI, the real time monitoring will only concentrate on certain areas of the body, depending on where the radiation is being targeted.

You can also customize how much the patient can move before a warning will appear, known as patient thresholds. For integrated devices, any movement outside this threshold will automatically hold the radiation beam, stopping the radiation from reaching an area it shouldn’t target.


In both in the treatment room and at the treatment console you have access to an AlignRT monitor, keyboard and mouse, ensuring easy to view and efficient patient surveillance.

Translations and rotations display movement in real time, with color-coded displays to indicate when a patient has moved away from the desired position.

When you customize thresholds, your patient has a certain amount of freedom of movement before the software warns you that the patient has moved too much. With certain third party interfaces, any excessive movement will automatically halt the radiation beam.

This focused and precise surveillance is particularly important for hypo-fractionated and high dose therapies, when it is crucial that the patient is only treated when they are in the correct position.


Information for Patients

What is Image Guided Radiotherapy?

Image Guided Radiotherapy, also known as IGRT, is a type of radiation therapy that uses imaging technologies to create a 3D visual of your body during treatment. This is used to make sure that you stay in the correct position throughout treatment, meaning that only the correct areas of your body are targeted by radiation. Some image guided systems use X-Rays, but AlignRT uses cameras alone – this means you have no additional exposure to potentially harmful radiation.

What can AlignRT do for me?

It is important that you are in the right place during your treatment so the radiation is targeting the correct area of your body. AlignRT provides your radiation therapist with valuable information about your position so that you don’t need to worry about making any small movements and thereby jeopardizing your treatment. AlignRT detects any movement you make and will show warnings to the radiation therapist, automatically switching off the radiation if you move too far. All of this ensures that your treatment is as safe and efficient as possible, with no effort from you.

How does it work?

AlignRT uses two or three camera units and a patterned light in order to visualize the surface of your body and reconstruct the data on the screen, creating a 3D model. During the treatment planning session, your radiation therapist will find the optimum body position for you to be in for your treatments. The radiation therapist is able to use this reference surface to make sure you are positioned correctly. The real time monitoring ensures that you are aligned and only treated when you are in the correct position.

What will I experience?

The only thing that you may notice from AlignRT is a red light shining from the camera units. This is quite bright compared to the dim room lights in the radiotherapy treatment room so it is advisable not to stare directly at it; it will not harm your eyes but it might be uncomfortable.

In some cases, the red light will shine on your skin for the duration of treatment. Please be assured that this is not a laser or a light that may affect your safety in any way; it is simply there so AlignRT can obtain the information about your skin surface that it requires in order to assist a safe and accurate treatment.

Additional Features

  • FSD (SSD) Calculation – You can use AlignRT to calculate the FSD (or SSD) at any point during treatment or after treatment has finished. Once the surface model is captured, the patient does not even need to be on the table in order to read any FSD (or SSD) that the cameras can see.
  • Thresholds – AlignRT allows you to set customized thresholds to use with patient monitoring. If the patient moves in any direction and exceeds a pre-set tolerance, AlignRT will flag this up and, with certain third party interfaces, hold the radiation beam automatically.
  • Frameless Radiosurgery – With the SRS module, AlignRT is your solution for frameless SRS. Click here to learn more about it.
  • Third Party Integration – AlignRT offers you a seamlessly integrated solution with automated couch control (with 4DOF couches) and beam hold capability. Click here to learn more.